Dashboard extends Eskom’s Customer Care Research into GreenTech B2B

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Cape Town-based Dashboard Marketing Intelligence has been awarded the contract to extend Eskom’s already extensive customer care research into a new sector, GreenTech.


In terms of the contract, Dashboard will survey the independent power producers (IPP), most of which are participating in, or will be participating in, the Renewable Energy IPP Procurement Programme.

IPP’s are non-public entities which own and/or operate facilities to generate electric power for sale to a utility, government buyer or end users. South Africa is seeking to add 3 725 megawatts generated by predominantly solar or wind energy technologies, so-called ‘GreenTech’, to its power grid by 2016.

Edwina Schoeman, Senior Research Advisor at Eskom said: “Dashboard has proven a professional and highly competent partner, delivering quality results timeously. They always find a way to satisfy our requests, so we are pleased to have them on board for this important sector for us.

“IPP’s are vital members of Eskom’s stakeholder base. For South Africa to reach its critical renewable energy targets, it is imperative that the relationship between Eskom and IPPs is a positive and productive one.

“Researching their interactions with Eskom and their satisfaction with these will enable us to continually improve, and contribute to achieving South Africa’s renewable energy potential.”

Dashboard has been successfully providing customer care feedback to Eskom for a decade, ever since it developed the custom-built automated telephone interviewing system (ATI).

ATI interviews Eskom’s private customers, to assess their service interactions in seven different languages. Switching to ATI as the solution enabled Eskom to triple the sample size within the existing budget, and provides accurate and stable key performance indicators (KPIs).

For the IPP business-to-business survey regular telephonic interviews will be used due to the nature of the high-level technical field in which the IPPs operate.